Time Management – How To Use Your Time Wisely And Grow Your Network Marketing Home Business

Many people who start network marketing home based businesses in this day and age have almost no time to run their businesses thanks to busy schedules that include work, family time and personal time for themselves. At the end of the day after work is done it’s hard to “switch gears” and focus on building a network marketing business, or is it?

Your Car

If you asked the average person to name the place that they spent the most time in every single day, the answer you would get would either: A. bathroom or B car. For many people, the answer that they would choose is B. because the average person commutes for at least one hour per day or more back and forth to work.

One hour per day amounts to roughly 20 hours per month or 240 hours per year. This is nothing to sneeze at in the grand scheme of things and yet many people spend this time in their vehicles listening to the radio, thinking about how much they hate their jobs or talking on the phone.

If you’re going to be serious about building your home business you need to be using this time in your car or truck wisely by using it to build your home business.

What can you do while driving?

1. Call prospects and leave voicemails (using a hands free device).

2. Listen to recorded sales calls.

3. Attend three way calls to close prospects

4. Send emails or text messages (special voice activated equipment required)

5. Listen to motivational CDs or DVD’s that will help you to grow your business.

Lunch Breaks

How do you spend your lunch breaks every day? If you said “eating lunch”, you would be like most people on earth who work in 9 to 5 jobs but for those people who want to break out of the “rat race” it’s important to use this time wisely for building your network marketing home business.

During your lunch break you can be doing all of the same things that you would be able to do while in your car as you drive and you can do more like:

1. Go to your local copy store to have marketing materials printed.

2. Meet with prospects in your local area for lunch or coffee.

3. Attend online webinars.

4. Brainstorm and think of new ways to grow your business.

5. Connect with people via social media.

At Night

Night time is even rougher for the newbie network marketers because of family time and commitments that can make it hard to get on the phone to make calls, close deals and do all of the other things that we should be doing to run our businesses.

What’s the solution to this problem? Communication, every newbie network marketer who is married and has children or is involved with a “significant other” should make sure that they talk with their loved ones about why they are starting a home business then lay out the hour or more each night that they will be working on the business. If a schedule is clearly defined from the beginning, everyone will know what to expect and it will be easier to build the business because the family will be working together to support the goal.